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Corporate offices and position

Board of Directors (1)

Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi
Vice Chairman  
Furio Burnelli
Vice Chairman
Ruggero Ariotti
Honorary Chairman
Cesare Doria de Zuliani

Andrea Panzani

Susanna Zucchelli

Francesca Postacchini

Gregorio Sassoli de Bianchi

Camilla Chiusoli

Chief Executive Officier and General Manager (2)

Andrea Panzani

Board of Statutory Auditors (1)

Chairman Gianfranco Tomassoli
Statutory Auditors

Claudia Spisni

Massimo Mezzogori

Alternate Auditors

Massimo Bolognesi

Simonetta Frabetti

Supervisory Board (3)

Chairman Gianfranco Tomassoli

Angelo Castelli

Maria Luisa Muserra

Indipendent Auditors (4)


Manager in charge of financial reporting (5)

Carlo Emiliani

(1) Appointed on 28 April 2017, in office until approval of the 2019 Financial Statements.
(2) Chief Executive Officier (since 23 April 2015) and General Manager (since 4 February 2014).
(3) Appointed on 19 December 2016, in office until approval of the 2019 Financial Statements.
(4) Appointed on 23 April 2015, in office until approval of the 2023 Financial Statements
(5) Appointed on 7 June 2006. Since 200, Executive of Valsoia S.p.A. Auditor. Enrolled in the Register of Chartered Accountants and in the Register of Auditors of Ravenna.